Hello and welcome!

I’m Jeremy for “Action One”. I create manga comics geared specifically towards younger audiences. The comics I create are inspirational, gives reminders about having good morals, and teaches valuable life lessons.

Mission Statement

Compared to third world countries with no electricity or clean drinking water, Japan seems to be doing well economically. However, young people in particular are being challenged in many other ways.

There are sad situations on the news every day about negative consequences of peer pressure, stress in work and home life, teenagers feeling empty and emotionally drained, or a general feeling of a lack of love in their lives.

We believe we can do something to help.

Manga comics are one of the main sources of entertainment in Japan that has spread all over the world. People read comics every day! There are many manga series based on violence and fighting but we decided to create manga comics with uplifting and positive content that will encourage others. We believe that this manga project will uplift and inspire the younger generation.

Producing comics isn’t cheap! It takes roughly $150 dollars to create one colored comic page. This means we’ll need all the help we can get! Please consider donating to Artlovely so that we can continue our goal of creating inspiring manga comics!
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If you’d like to help out in any other way, let us know. Thanks!
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